Friday, December 16, 2011

Where Have All the Hermeticists Gone?

I'm growing increasingly weary of the religiously zealous and so called "Hermeticists". Instead of being able to share philosophy and investigate the Hermetic Arts and Sciences in a down to earth manner, we have to pollute it with "magic" and "ritual" that does nothing to further the understanding of the great work. I blame Thelema and the Order of the Golden Dawn.

I will never deny anyone their religious beliefs, but it is because of people like Israel Regardie, Alaister Crowley and A.E. Waite that the studies of Astrology and Alchemy have been relegated to "spiritual" practices, with practitioners who seem to be flighty and "ethereal" minded. What it boils down to is an improper understanding of the philosophies and practical applications of the Hermetic works.

As a Hypnotist, I can attest that dropping someone into a trance is no more "magical" than stirring cream into your coffee. Having provided mathematical evidence of an actual Quintessence, I can also assure you that there must indeed be a means to create the Philosopher's Stone. And as a student of Astrology who provided you with a case study of a cold reading, I am positive that Astrology is practical and applicable in every day life.

There are three parts of the whole operation of the Sun. Astrology, the operation of the stars and planets; Alchemy, the operation of the bodies below the luminaries; and Hypnosis, wisdom of the depths of the consciousness and subconsciousness of all things. I have already shown that Astrology is representative of the atomic and therefore has predictive properties. Since Alchemy deals entirely with the alteration of the atomic, we can already see the need to understand Astrology as the representative of "that which is below". All we need now is an intermediary to connect the two. This is the consciousness we know as life, and the operation of the consciousness can best be understood through the study of subconscious. For that reason, we use Hypnosis.

I see no need for ritual magic (Theurgy) unless one is willing to concede that ritual is no more than human habit. Consider behavioral modification. It is necessary for any living creature to perform an act multiple times with intention until it becomes habit and through that habit, its life is affected either beneficially or malevolently. This is the same principle as ritual magic but there is no need to relegate it to mysticism and silliness, or require a belief in or homage paid to any Pagan gods.

I guess I'll step off my soap box for now.


  1. Hermeticism from what I understand it to be is primarily a philosophy from which many things stem; ancient to modern. Ritual Magic/k should not be confused with Hermeticism. Ritual Magic/k whether it is high or low is an art form of its own; bad art to some, good art to others. Magic/k (ritual magic/k) is the art of effecting changes in the conciseness of will to bring about desired manifestations on the physical plane; and in some cases to cultivate desired understandings. There are many magical systems/practices. The Golden Dawn is only just one system of ritual magic. Voudoun, Witchcraft, Thelema, Enochian magic, Druidism, Shamanism and Satanism are others to name just a few. There are countless systems of ritual magic; not all of them incorporate Hermetic principals. >> Due to the limited number of characters that can be written in a blogger comment please read the continuation of my comment here on my blog... << May need to copy and paste URL in browser.

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