Thursday, December 1, 2011

What is the Secret of the Universe?

Simply put – I don’t know. But I would be leery of the man who says that he does know.

What I do know is that there is a common thread pervading all of the universe and can be observed on a graph over time by studying the stock market.

This is a joke, right?

Au contraire, mon frère. R.N. Elliott discovered quite some time ago, nearly 100 years ago as a matter of fact, that the stock market followed a basic wave pattern of five motive waves and three corrective waves. The whole process is actually a bit more complicated than that, as every topic in this blog tends to be, but the concept is simple and applicable to alchemy.

So why am I discussing this wave process? As you will observe from the rest of the posts on this blog site, I’m quite interested in the quintessence and the human mind (otherwise I wouldn’t be an alchemist and hypnotist). I’m also enthralled with prediction (another reason why I’m a hypnotist as well as an astrologer for that matter). The Elliott Wave Principle is an essential component to understanding all of these things, or is it the other way around? Either way, they compliment each other. In addition to this, I also feel that in order to pursue any of these studies, one must have an efficient supplemental income because they become quite expensive and time consuming hobbies.

I AM NOT A BROKER AND CAN NOT GIVE YOU FINANCIAL ADVICE!! Remember, I’m an apprentice of sorts and trying to learn, while sharing with you what I have already learned.

One final note before I continue to explain the relationships outlined above: I do not intend to reinvent the wheel. If you would like to know more about the Elliott Wave Principle, please go to the Elliott Wave International website for a free introductory course. I suggest signing up for a free account as well for updates and access to additional free learning materials. What follows is only an overview and how it applies to the esoterica of this Workshop.

There is a number, consistent with growth and development patterns throughout the universe. Galaxies swirl in this pattern, the pine cone and sunflower grows in this spiral, and the nautilus shell is spun in the same shape. It is called the Golden Ratio, often called the Fibonacci sequence, a geometric pattern which can be observed in human thought patterns by tracking the buying and selling patterns of the stock market. The Elliott Wave demonstrates the Fibonacci sequence via motive waves (those moving up) and corrective waves (those moving down). The more closely these waves are observed, the easier it becomes to see that each motive wave is made up of other motive and corrective waves. Likewise, all corrective waves are also made up of additional motive and corrective waves. Not only does this exemplify the concept of “As above, so below” but it also demonstrates the universal principle of duality, through active and reactive properties.

Because the stock market shows a society’s fears and desires through what and how they purchase and sell, it is easy to track and document human thought process based on the pain/pleasure principle. This means that these waves, descriptive of the Golden Ratio, actually give evidence to the fact that our thoughts also form in the same geometric pattern as the Nautilus, Pine Cone and Sunflower. There is a unifying thing, a common thread uniting us with all of creation. It is essentially the fifth element displayed mathematically.

Logic should then lead us to consider that if there is a continuous pattern, it should be predictable. I have yet to fully crack the pattern myself, but I understand it in principle. If it is predictable, and we find ourselves short of cash to pursue our studies with an efficient source of income, what better means of funding our education than capitalizing on this pattern and use it for trading?

I will be attempting to practice day trading on a trading game site and will post my activities here on random posts. If you would like to join me, keep an eye on my posts for the name of the trading game site.

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