Friday, December 2, 2011

Free Online Herbalism Course

Herbalism is a key element in studying Alchemy as it trains us in the lesser circulation before advancing to metals in the Great Work, or Magnum Opus.  Knowing the healing properties of herbs is essential, as you are not merely going through the motions.  These are consumable products.  You don’t want to poison yourself, so it’s best to learn what you’re dealing with.

As a disclaimer – I am not advising anyone to consume any chemicals or trying to provide any medical advice.  I AM NOT A PHYSICIAN, nor am I licensed to practice medicine in any form.  I can provide data only and allow you, the reader, to continue research in order to make an informed decision.

That said, I have found that learning about the herbs is easier when explaining it to someone else.  But the key is to find that someone else.  Unless there is a student to explain it to, or unless you’re selling something, it has been my experience that friends and family really have no interest in hearing you prattle on about herbs.  As I am not a Master Herbalist on starting out, I find it easier to sell the herbs thereby allowing customers the opportunity to begin the dialogue.

The most cost effective way in this case is by going through a well established herbal company called Nature’s Sunshine Products.  It’s sort of like Avon, but they sell herbal supplements instead of lipstick.  You have to become a member in order to sell their products wholesale, but unlike Avon, membership will cost you a little bit.  You need to buy $40 worth of their products at wholesale price.  Not too bad of an investment considering you’re buying health for yourself at a relative discount.  I say relative because they are a sconch more expensive than the actual discount brands, but you do get what you pay for – and in my experience, the health food stores tend to sell a lot of filler supplements, i.e. useless.

Nature’s Sunshine Products has been in operation for over thirty years.  Not a bad run.  Enough time to establish one’s self as a legitimate business opportunity for those of us wanting to get into the field.  

I will, from time to time, try to feature a particular product as I learn about it.  If you would like to learn more from a great and FREE introductory herbalist course, you can check out  Keep in mind that it is run by a member of NSP’s sales force so everything is geared toward those products.  The course is a decent one, it’s all generally high school Biology.  If you didn’t have to take a Medical Terminology course, this course is also accompanied by a fair introductory lesson for that as well.

Dr. Silverman, the author of the program, has also Youtubed some pretty interesting videos – linking them to his course page.  My particular favorite is the video on black berries – it’s a pretty good scheme he’s got going on.  Quite inspiring, actually.

All in all, I enjoyed it and I’ve it in my list of favorites for references as I learn more about the company.  

He does offer the student the opportunity to pay for a certificate from the course, which really doesn’t give you anything but an ego boost.  It doesn’t provide you with any leg up to get into a nationally recognized guild such as AHG.  If you’re intent on being an Herbalist and making a living at it, you’ve got a few years and apprenticeships to go to do that but you can still be a knowledgeable herb salesperson through NSP.

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