Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Red Lion/Green Lion

If you enjoy Alchemy discussion, one of the best forums is Alchemy Forums.com. On this website I found a particular thread regarding a charcoal experiment, which I felt needed to be shared with my readers.

The poster has pictures and videos of his work. If you want to see it, I'm afraid you'll have to sign up for an account at the forum. However, I will outline the work that he did as was promised in my previous post.

First, using plain coal (not charcoal as is suggested in the book to which I will provide a Google link), he set it aflame and the residue that was left was described as a glassy red. So he took a larger piece of coal and set that one aflame for a larger sampling. He dissolved the red residue in water which became in his words "a dark bluey-green". He then filtered it and laid it out in a glass tray to evaporate leaving behind a "salt". A portion of this salt was then calcined and dissolved again, then compared to the other portion of uncalcined salt. The calcined portion became an even deeper shade of green.

Another member of the forum then posted a link to a book which describes the process of making a Red Carbuncle from Charcoal and Sal Mirabile. If the link doesn't bring you directly to the page, look for page 110.

The significance of this is quite intriguing. In several pictures, such as the one I last posted here, there are references made to green and red lions. I welcome anyone to explain the significance in the process of making the Stone to post comments under this post.

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