Thursday, December 22, 2011

Book of Aquarius - Review

This review will be brief.  I'm not quite sure what the author was intending to do with providing this information for free.  Visit his site here  and download the book if you want to read it. 

The author submitted the book to several Esoteric websites and claimed anonymity for fear of violent censorship, claiming he had (or has) the secret of creating the Stone.  SPOILER: He claims the stone is merely urine.  That's right.  Urine.

Thank goodness the book is free, 'cause I'm not buyin'.

If you're into Alchemy at all, then over the past few months I'm sure you've found a copy of this so I don't think I'm exposing any great secret by providing this information.  Unfortunately, there is someone in several forums who claims to be the author even after the author told everyone not to try looking for him.  I suppose that's not so unfortunate, but what really is unfortunate is the fact that this character is flaming all of the forum's he's going into.  If his "research" held any validity, it was quickly proven as false by his violent verbal outbursts on public websites.

His "research" consists of copying and pasting many quotes from texts found primarily on the Alchemy Website and making reaching connections to conclude that the production of the stone is through urine.  It should be noted that at the beginning of his book he even states that he hasn't yet made the Stone.

I suggest that everyone read the book, but beware - do your own research and don't trust this author.  If the fool in all of the forums starting trouble really is the author, then he is nothing more than a modern day puffer. 
Edit: The person going through the forums stirring up trouble is allegedly someone who "has it out" for the real author because of an apparent mistaken identity. The review still stands. He hasn't completed the work and his research consists of copying and pasting loads of quotes

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