Monday, December 12, 2011

Interpret This Picture

From now on, every Monday will feature a picture that I will offer up for interpretation. I will attempt to give my insight and look forward to reading your replies. The below is a rare picture and it’s one of my favorites.

If you Google images for alchemy, you will find the typical carvings of a dwarfed man holding an upside triangle in front of his body, or a tree with a barrier to the left of it and the inner workings of a clock beyond the barrier. This one is unique. It is a simple picture but speaks so much. Notice the three crowns. This signifies the author of the concept. Serpents, on either side of the alembic, symbols of wisdom, inject their wisdom into the top of the apparatus, as they intertwine themselves like a double helix. Within the crescent made by their tails is a secret fire. Below even this is a starburst and three arms with triangles at the ends of each. The origin of this particular carving is unknown but two simple words can describe the picture and of course I have not completely noted every aspect of its design. Post your interpretations in the comment fields below.

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