Friday, December 9, 2011

7 Steps to Astrological Prediction: Part 1

The following 7 step process is the method I have adopted for dealing with Horary questions. I have had some pretty good results as well. Mind you, the majority of my work is based on William Lilly and Zadkiel (minus the more modern planets such as Uranus). And as I am still learning, I’m sure Frawley fans will be quite willing to point me in the right direction where I may have erred. In subsequent posts, I will expand on each of the seven steps to try and assist other students if they are looking to begin the exciting study of the Hermetic arts.

Step 1 Ask the question

Step 2 Cast the chart

Step 3 Determine if chart is radical or fit to be judged

Step 4 Delineate the condition of each planet and luminary

Step 5 Determine primary significators

Step 6 Observe relations of significators

Step 7 If an outcome is determined, then predict the time it is determined for

Step 1 can not be overstated. It’s simple yet absolutely necessary in the process. It’s like plugging in a GPS machine and saying “Give me directions”. Well, it can give you directions but the odds are pretty good that it’s not going to give you directions specific to a) your location and b) the location you want to get to. Asking an astrologer or, as the astrologer, understanding the question is essential to a proper reading. It’s also not an instantaneous reading. As you can see from the above, there are several steps involved, and the above is an extremely over simplified method. There are loads of details that the astrologer must consider before s/he can even begin to look at the chart – one of those details is the question itself.

A proper question should be asked, and not simply to “fool” the astrologer to prove that astrology is a fake. Zadkiel and Lilly both record incidences where the chart will actually reveal that this is in fact the case and when the client is pressed, he confesses the truth. If the client waits until a pressing question actually prompts them to ask it of the astrologer then the astrologer should be able to answer it for the following reason. It is assumed that the planets have inspired the question. For a practical application of this concept, please see the post on Prediction.

When the planets have properly aligned, the matters of the earth will also align inspiring those affected at that moment to be troubled by a particular question. This exact moment can be termed the event horizon. I encourage you to read up on light cones to fully grasp this concept. If the planets have prompted the question, then the chart should be radical and the skilled astrologer should be able to give a proper reading and predict when the resolution will culminate. As I have said in another post, there are multiple details to consider, circumstances that must be accounted for so patience is necessary by both the Astrologer and the client.

Once the astrologer has fully delineated the chart he can make his prediction. In general, it is safe for an Astrologer to predict an estimated time. I have only been lucky enough to predict the time within an hour of the event on about 50% of the charts I have read. This is not enough to declare a rule, so I will refrain from providing the math when we get to the post on prediction. Other astrologers have warned me against trying to predict too exactly, so I offer the same warning to other aspiring astrologers.

As a final disclaimer, keep in mind that there are quite a few quality courses out there that teach astrology with one on one tutoring by many people much more versed than I am and I don’t want to do the art a disservice by leading the novice astray. Christopher Warnock is the first instructor that comes to mind if anyone is currently looking for a course. I will however encourage the reader, should they be so inclined, to seek out the Christian Astrology books and attempt to learn on your own as well as seek out an instructor if finances so permit. The language of the Christian Astrology books is Medieval English so sentence structure, and often print quality, makes learning it a practice in cipher decoding.

You can also find other suggested books below.

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