Thursday, December 8, 2011

Harmony: Part 2

The last post about Cymatics was really more of a visual for those of you unfamiliar with the amazing possibilities. I also mentioned the fact that sound is the second part of the trinity which pervades the universe. In the following posts, I will expand on the concept of the trinity and how it applies to not only alchemy, but also astrology and the big bang theory.

Let's first discuss the big bang again.

The tesseract helps explain the closed universe system, as we have seen. Hawking will say, and has said, that the cause of the big bang is irrelevant because a cause would indicate a time before the big bang. The basic logic is simply this: time is unconditionally attached to space. If there is no space, then there is no time. At the moment of the big bang, the universe was completely contained within itself and so there was no space, i.e. there was no time. However, as Einstein had also once mentioned in a letter to the family of a late friend, "the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one." The translation is that he believed, the big bang is occurring now, as it has before us and as it will after us.

But we puny humans are want to determine chronological events. It helps define us. We know how to get home because we have been there before. We understand the universe as cause and effect. If we are hungry then we eat. If we eat, then we will no longer be hungry. Our world would be turned upside down if the anticipated effect did not occur. If we return to the place that we assumed was home and the house was no longer there, we would be confused, angry, unable to care for ourself for a time. So, knowing this, it is only natural to need the answer to the cause of the big bang.

So, humoring Hawing for a moment and agreeing that time did not exist before the big bang, but understanding that something had to occur to separate the four principle forces which caused (time reference) the inflationary period, our question is not what caused the big bang, but rather what caused the four principle forces to separate? The separation of which created space within the universe and therefore time.

Let's digress for a moment to observe the strength of just one of the forces, the weakest of all four - gravity. Gravity is so strong that it can capture protons, light particles. In otherwords, a black hole. So if gravity in a singular location in space can be so strong as to disallow light from escaping its bounds, imagine the strength of the glue holding the universe together when all four forces were combined. My hypothesis is sound.

As the matter of the universe returns to the center of the tesseract it brings all sound with it, or vibrations. This is essentially string theory, the theory that matter is made up of vibrating strings. Aside from the fact that it is a mathematically proven possibility, it is further supported by the Elliott Wave Principle.

Consider Galloping Gerdy for only a moment.

The wave of the bridge was due to vibrational frequency initially caused by wind, but demonstrates the ability of sound to cause complete devastation.

If a vacuum created by the total absence of matter due to the expansion of the universe, known as the Big Rip, causes the universe to collide in on itself, known as the Big Crunch, once again combining the four primary forces, then the vibrational frequency of the entire universe contained within all of that matter would be sufficient to once again separate those forces, recreating the Big Bang.

And yes, all of matter has its own vibrational frequency. But more on that in another post.

Harmony: Part 1

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