Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Natal Reading

The below conversation was a very recent discussion I had on what was my first real delineation of a natal chart. I recently joined a website and within minutes of someone seeing my profile page, I was asked to give a natal reading. My initial response was that I’m still studying so please be patient with me and that I would do my best. Notice the native’s response at the end regarding the parental attention and the sign that the native was born under. While I may not have been 100% accurate about the profession, you can see that I was able to tell her about her parents without even knowing her. The significance of this can be related to the astrophysics concept of light cones which I will write about very soon so please pop in from time to time to see what might be new. See Foundations in Hypnosis for more information.
On 15:37:29 Dec 06 2011 (-0 GMT) BennuLugh wrote:
You were born in the month of Taurus, the ultimate earth sign as she is fixed and feminine, receptive and securing. However, your ascendant sign, which should more properly refine your personality, is Leo. Leo is also a fixed sign but it is masculine and a fire sign. This is your primary motivation in life. Your primary urge is to go for freedom of action and power, but you have the underlying need for physical security.
There are three modes of energy in a chart - cardinal, fixed and mutable. The Cardinal signs are an outward expression of energy and the fixed signs are more introverted. The mutable sign is the change between the two. So for instance, Aries is a Cardinal sign and it is the gushing forth of spring time. At this period in the year we recognize the change as being the archetypical Spring. But then Taurus comes around and we feel fixed into that season. We've been in spring and we still have more spring to go before the next season. Finally, the changing sign comes, the mutable sign. The first half of Gemini feels like spring but the further into the sign we move, the more like summer it becomes until we reach Cancer which is the gushing forth of Summer time.
There are also two personality types, according to Dr. John Kappas, and they correspond with the three modes of operation in a chart and personal observation after viewing about twenty charts that all fell into the same category. The Cardinal type is much more of an extrovert, while the fixed is an introvert. The mutable sign, depending on the degree in question, can be either. If in the beginning of a sign then it is introverted, if at the end of the sign then it is extroverted. There is a lot more description in each of these personality types but right now it will have to suffice that these are descriptive enough.
Now, because you are a fixed sign, I’m going to say that your mother was either more physically or emotionally attentive to you than was your father. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good thing. Sometimes being attentive can be abusive. It also has a lot to do with the parent’s presence. You’re mother may even have been emotionally distant from you but if your father was completely absent from your life, than she would by default have been more attentive simply by being under the same roof.
Primary motivations tend to manifest in the person’s 10th house, the house of Profession, how the native tries to primarily occupy his or her time. Your 10th is ruled by Mars but, as Robert Zoller says, position is stronger than rulership. You have an interesting configuration. Mercury is closest to the cusp of your 10th and the ruler of your Ascendant, the Sun, is also in the 10th. Mercury professions tend to be involved with the sciences. According to Dr. Kappas, your personality type would be analytical. You need to process and analyze suggestions before your subconscious can accept them. I will explain to you momentarily why I think that this is further confirmed in your chart.
The Sun is also in your 10th, which is often connected with prophesy. With Mercury and the Sun in your 10th, I’m curious, are you an astrologer?
Your 10th is ruled by Mars, as I have said. Mars in your chart is nestled nicely in his second sign, Scorpio, a fixed water sign, another analytical and receptive sign. Your profession seems to confirm your primary motivation. You may not be currently being paid for your profession, but that’s just your job that you get paid for. A job and a profession are two completely different things.
I apologize, I'm not very versed in Retrograde information. But I'll give it a go. You have Jupiter Mars and Saturn in retrograde. If we look at Mars and the house that it rules, since he is applying to a conjunction with Saturn in retrograde, I judge that your profession faces constant conflict. It looks like it is further confirmed by the Opposition of the Sun with Mars.
As the application of Mars is to Saturn, I would look to the houses that Saturn rules to determine the cause of this conflict. Saturn in your chart rules the sixth and seventh houses. The sixth house typically signifies illness and the 7th is that of partnership. Perhaps a business partner and/or your own illnesses prevent you from realizing your full profession?
Again, I'm a newbie to natal astrology so any feedback is greatly appreciated.
On 16:40:46 Dec 06 2011 (-0 GMT) The Native wrote:
Hello there thank you so much. That was a great read. You seem to know what you’re doing for sure. I'm not an astrologer wish I was lol. I like to read and study the paranormal if that counts for anything. I would encourage you to definitely keep up the good work your going places kiddo :-)
On 17:16:45 Dec 06 2011 (-0 GMT) BennuLugh wrote:
Out of curiousity - the section regarding parental attention. Was I in the ballpark?
The native’s final response
Yes that was the part which I resonated with the most :-)
Foundations in Hypnosis
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