Friday, January 20, 2012

Stock UCFC

OK - so I know I've been putting a lot of focus on stock trading, but I think that anyone interested in pursuing the Hermetic Sciences full time will need some sort of monetary spring - hence the swing trading.  Now - I put my order in on Sunday and it executed on Tuesday (Monday was a bank Holiday due to Martin Luther King Day).  When I put the order in, the stock was at $1.21, so I put in for 404 shares.  This would give me a total purchase of $488.84.  A $10 commission would bring me just shy of $500. 

Remember, my total account is $544.  $38 profit from the first trade and an additional $6 from the second (if I had sold when I should have i.e. the first day).

So when my order executed on Tuesday, the total cost of my shares actually went to $505, add $10 commission to that, and I'm dipping even further into my profits.

On review of this chart, I should have noticed two things - first I wanted it to be worthwhile, so I deluded myself on the Horary chart and convinced myself is was worth buying.  After looking at the stock chart, I should have also paid attention to the volume.  I know that on Craig's website, he doesn't put much stake in the volume - but, volume basically tells you the amount of interest in a stock.  If there's no interest, there's little movement either way.  I'm once again getting dragged through the mud.

So I'm putting my sale order in now.  If UCFC's first open price hits $1.30 then I will have made $0.20 on this trade.  Not what I was looking at.

I promise I will start concentrating more on the rest of what this blog is about, from here on out.  Stay tuned for the rest of the How To Predict series, a pictorial on preparing an alchemical elixir and tips for hypnotic techniques in the weeks to come.

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