Monday, January 2, 2012

Horary of the Stock Pick January 1st

So I had to do the best with what I have and I wanted to post my reading before the stock CHRS does anything this week.  The opening bell for this week is not until tomorrow morning, Tuesday January 3rd.  I said that I wanted to learn how to do Astrology along side picking stocks so here goes.

Horary can't pick a chart for you.  I doubt any branch of real astrology can do that.  What Horary can do is tell you whether or not you're on the right track.  In Warnock's case study book there is an example of a business venture that someone asked.  The question is essentially, "Will I profit from a business partnership with Mr. X?"  I find this to be quite fitting with picking a chart.  Mr. X is the company that I want to buy into - in this case CHRS.

First things first.  The first house represents the Querent, that's me.  The ruler of the 1st house is Venus.  Now, the question was asked around noon time on Sunday and the ruler of the hour was the Sun, so the chart's not radical but like Mr. Warnock's case we can still obtain judgement.

The 7th house is cusp is in Scorpio, ruled by Mars.  He's down in the 5th house having fun, kind of.  See, he's in the sign of Virgo which is ruled by Mercury both by primary and exaltation, and he's in hurting condition but we'll get to that in a minute.

The Moon is in the 12th house which is the weakest of the bunch, so she really can't make anything happen.  Right there we should say to ourselves, "This really isn't going to happen".  But I want to confirm this.

Let's look at some of the other aspects.  Venus, that's me, is in mutual reception with Saturn, who's not in poor zodiacal state.  In fact, being in Libra, he's exalted and it's he has Honor of Triplicity.  So he's pretty strong right now.  The only thing not good for him is being in the Sixth House which is cadent but that's outweighed by his dignities and the mutual reception with the Lord of the Ascendant.  What does that tell us?  Well, Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius, which means he rules both the 10th and 11th houses.  In other words, he rules my job and my salarie.  Saturn being in the 6th (servants) and mutually received by Venus in the 10th, we can say that I want my salarie to work for me and my salarie wants to serve me ( insomuch as it has desires...). 

This would seem to be good but we have to look at my treasury and my partner's treasury to determine whether or not this is wise to put the two together.  My treasury (2nd house) is Gemini, ruled by Mercury.  My partner's treasury, 2nd from the 7th (i.e. my 8th) is ruled by Jupiter.  If you know anything about this at all it really doesn't look good.

First, let's talk about my partner's money and then we'll get to mine.  Jupiter is in Taurus, which is where he is exalted.  Great! But look again.  He's opposed Saturn.  Booo!  And he's in the 12th house (secret enemies).  So not only is he afflicted and weak, but what little promise he had for me was to work against me anyways.  Double booo!

Now let's look at my money.  Mercury rules Gemini, the 2nd house in this chart.  Mercury in this chart is in the 8th house.  The house of death.  Ouch.  To make matter's worse, he's in his detrmiment and afflicted by a square with Mars (my partner).  This indicates obstacles and difficulties between my money and the partner.  And, oh yeah, the South Node of the Moon is in the 2nd.  Mercury would need a lot of help from a really strong benefic planet to come out of this situation smelling halfway decent at all.  But alas, the greater benefic Jupiter (Mercury's dispositor) is also Peregrine, in the 12th and afflicted as we have already seen.  The next one on the list?  The Sun.  Nope. Sorry.  He's also Peregrine.  So we come to Venus.  Venus is actually in great shape and aspects Mercury from a sextile.  This is great!... no, wait.  Mercury direct and fast is moving away from this aspect.  This means my money did work for me not that long ago, but not anymore.  (Which we saw by the 7.7% treasury increase)

Ok fine, but we have one last thing to consider.  The Moon.  We already said she was in the 12th house.  She can't really affect any thing strong.  We could say that there is a translation of light going on.  The Moon separates from a sextile with Venus and her next move is a sextile with Mercury, so the light that Venus once cast onto Mercury can be restored to him by casting it onto the Moon who will then cast it back to Mercury as she moves to a Trine with him in five units of measure.

But wait there's more.  If this wasn't my chart and I was able to give a completely clinical reading, I would say that it's best to wait about five more days from the time of the question before doing anything.  If it will be profitable, then it should manifest around that time.  This puts us at Friday.  Any sooner and my money is gone.

If my astrological reading is correct, it seems to match with my reading of the stock pick to begin with.  So, I'm crossing my fingers and waiting to see how this plays out.

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