Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CHRS: Still the Stock pick of the week

I just wanted to ensure that I was posting on a daily basis while testing this theory about using horary and stock screening to pick a time when to enter a stock.  If I had a couple thousand dollars to throw at this stock I would have put a sell order in last night (Monday, January 9th).  This would have gotten me out with a hefty profit since it went up 20 cents in one day then opened really high this morning.  But since I don't have that much money, I'm following my exit strategy. 

If I lose $15 on the total invested amount, I'm out.  This will help me keep my loss to a total of $35 after trade commissions.  So, today we're up by 11 cents.  I got in yesterday at $4.70 per share and now it's at $4.81, down 9 cents from yesterday's close but still more than when I got in.  This is to be expected, which is why swing trading tends to be a buy and hold for two to three days. 

The last trade was just pure luck based on the previous day's volume.  If I had more confidence in that other stock I would have hung on to it, but as was seen there was no point since it dropped right after I sold it.

I'll keep posting this week on this particular chart until I sell.  Next week, I'll screen for another stock - showing you exactly how I find the stock and then I'll cast another horary chart to see when to enter.  If I like the way both charts look we can test the hypothesis again.  If not, I'll keep trying until I find the right method.

Stay tuned....

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